3ds max Hierarchies Locking transforms

3ds max Hierarchies Locking transforms

Locking Object Transforms | 3ds Max 2020

3ds max Hierarchies Locking transforms I’m currently in gimbal coordinate mode up Locking Object Transforms | 3ds Max 2020 here so we can see that if I rotate around X, that’s the axis that we want to leave unlocked but we do want to lock the Y and Z axis for this elbow so we’ll go over here to the link info panel once again and lock Y and Z but because we’re in gimbal coordinates phase here, we don’t see the axis being hidden but it does work, if I now rotate around X, it works fine, I do that, rotate around Y in gimbal coordinate space and you’ll notice that curiously, it’s still rotating but it’s rotating around X, undo that with control Z. If you really need to see what axis are legal for rotations, i.e.

Adjusting Object Transforms | 3ds Max 2019

3ds max Hierarchies Locking transforms unlocked, you can go into local coordinate system here and in this case it would be fine to use local coordinates. I won’t run into any problems with all three axis being animated because the other two axis are locked, therefore they cannot be animated so it would okay for me to animate this in local space but for a shoulder joint or a neck joint like the head, these have three degrees of freedom, they can rotate in all three axis and so to prevent problems, I do want to be in gimbal coordinate space for those objects. All right, that’s how to lock transforms and prevent objects from moving, rotating or scaling in particular axis.