3ds max Hierarchies Transforming pivot points

3ds max Hierarchies Transforming pivot points

3ds max Hierarchies Transforming pivot points Now I need to rotate it, so I’ll go to the Rotate tool, and we want to do something a little bit fancy here. The goal here is I want to be able to rotate the two arms in opposite directions while rotating it in local coordinate space, and to accomplish that I’m going to orient this object’s pivot differently than the other one. I’m going to rotate it 180 degrees around its X axis first, and I’ve got Angle Snaps turned on, and this is the X axis, or the red axis. Bring that around 180 degrees, and I can see the rotation angles at the bottom of the screen in the transform type in area, and I’ve got 180 degrees.

And I also need to tilt that pivot point to align it with the geometry, so I’ll rotate it in the front view around the Y axis, and we’ll do 10 degrees there just like we did before, and now that pivot point is aligned with the geometry, but in a different way than the other pivot. We’ll exit out of Affect Pivot Only. Exit out of Isolate Selection, (clicking) and select both of the objects. Hold down Control and click on the other shoulder. Go up to Local Coordinate System in the Rotate tool, and very importantly also switch over to Pivot Point Center, and now we can rotate in opposite directions around that Y axis. I’ll undo that. If I rotate in X they rotate together. Undo that. All right, that’s the process of moving and rotating pivot points in preparation for building a hierarchy. You’ll need to repeat that process for all of the objects in your hierarchy before you build the links.