3ds max Lighting Adjusting light intensity and color

3ds max Lighting Adjusting light intensity and color


3ds max Lighting Adjusting light intensity and color We’ll go back to candelas and give it a value of 400 candelas. Let’s try 1,000 and we see that we’re getting a pretty decent lighting effect. I also want to illustrate to you how the lux at works. If we choose lux at a certain distance, then we have this spinner which indicates the radius away from the light, increase that and set a distance value and the lux will be that measurement at that distance. And this is very helpful for making sure you don’t get overexposed shots. So that’s how intensity works.

You want to set that intensity to a physically accurate value, so we’ll come back to this when we’re ready to set our camera exposure. Now we have color. And the default is a D65 and that is a reference which simply means that the color temperature is 6500 Kelvin, and that is neutral white on this computer screen. If I want a different color to my light, then I could just choose a preset such as the fluorescent warm white preset, and you can see that that’s quite a lot more orange.