3ds max Lighting Adjusting light shape


3ds max Lighting Adjusting light shape If you need to make the light visible in the Arnold renderer then you can look into using an Arnold mesh light instead. Now that my fluorescent tube has the dimensions I want, I’ll rename it in the modify panel, call it Light Tube 001. Back in the environment and effects dialogue, I’ll reduce the exposure value back down to two and then dolly back in the perspective view. I’ve got some recessed areas in the ceiling here. That’s an enclosure for the lighting element. And I already know exactly where I want that to go, so I’ll just take a look at this in the top viewport and type in the values for the move tool. For the x axis, I’ll have a value of -638. Press the tab key, the y axis is 593. Press tab again, and the z axis is 405 centimeters, and press enter and now that light is recessed within that lighting fixture.