3ds max Lighting Controlling spotlight parameters

3ds max Lighting Controlling spotlight parameters


3ds max Lighting Controlling spotlight parameters And hotspot is the inner cone. We can see that in the orthographic views. The inner, brighter cone, is the hotspot. And anything within that cone is going to have full intensity from light. And then, that intensity falls off to zero by the time that it reaches the falloff radius. If they both have similar values, we’ll get a hard edge. We’ll increase the hotspot value, and as that gets closer to the falloff values, we’ll see we’re getting a harder edge. By default, there’s always a two degree difference between these, but you can change that in the customize preferences window. If I increase the falloff now, once again, I’ll get a soft edge. Those are the hotspot and falloff angles. That’s how to set up the parameters for spotlight distribution.