3ds max Lighting Using the Light Explorer

3ds max Lighting Using the Light Explorer


3ds max Lighting Using the Light Explorer If I select one of the lights, go to the modify panel, it’s listed in candelas here. If I switch it over to lumens, it’s a physically accurate value of about 3,000 lumens per fluorescent tube. All right, so I’ll switch it back to candelas and I can change that value in the Scene Explorer. Just double click on that and type in a new value, like 200 for example, and all the lights dim down a little bit. Bring it down even more, one hundred. And now one hundred candelas per fluorescent tube will equate to about 1250 lumens. All right, so that’s how to use the Light Explorer, very handy when you have a scene with many lights. And that concludes the chapter on the essentials of lighting.