3ds max Mapping Textures Real-World Map Size

Mapping Textures 3ds max Using Real-World Map Size


3ds max Mapping Textures Real-World Map Size And now you can see we’re back where we were. We’ve got the same sizing on our wall. I would do the same for the base color. I need them to match so I’ll double click on that. Enable Real-World Scale, and set the size to 200, press tab, and 200. And now I don’t need to worry about the UVW map modifier on different objects. So in other words, I can apply another UVW map modifier onto some other object, and just put it into box mode, and enable Use Real-World Scale, and I can change the scaling of the map on all of those objects simultaneously by doing it through the material. That’s how to use Real-World Scale to apply bitmaps or other 2D maps onto surfaces. And that’s a very handy feature that can save some time especially in heavy scenes or architectural visualization.