3ds max Mapping Textures Restoring links with Asset Tracking

3ds max Mapping Textures Restoring links with Asset Tracking


3ds max Mapping Textures Restoring links with Asset Tracking If you click browse, what you’re actually doing is defining a user path in the 3ds Max configuration, so that it will go looking in this special folder that you specify to find textures. Well, that’s good in as much as it will load the textures, but it’s bad in as much as if that texture or dependent file is sitting outside your current project, you won’t get any notification saying that your file is not inside the project. So you won’t even know. And, if you back up that project, or archive it, or move it to another work station or whatever, then you’re not actually dealing with all of the files in your project, because some of them are in some mysterious folder that you browsed for. So don’t click browse. The only things that you want to do here are click on continue or close the window with the X box. And now the scene loads, and I have two boxes here. One of them has a bitmap texture, the other has vector art texture on it, and notice that I only got a notification for the PNG or bitmap texture.

3ds max Mapping Textures Restoring links with Asset Tracking So if you have a broken path to vector art, currently you will not get a notification to that effect. The only way you’ll know is because it won’t render, and we just see this preview here, kind of a placeholder image. So we need to clean up the issue here, and the way to do that is to go into the asset tracking dialogue. In the file menu go to reference, asset tracking toggle, and that opens up a dialogue listing all of the dependent files, and whether they’re found or not. And we can see that both the SVG and the PNG file are not found. I’ll select them both, click on one and then hold ctrl and select the other, and then set the path. I can do that by going to the paths menu, and choose set path, or I can right click, and from the quad menu choose set path. In the specify assets path dialogue, we can browse to the location of these files. And once again, they need to be inside the current project, in the designated folder which is scene assets images. So I can click on the browse button, looks like a little three dots or ellipsis, and then browse for the files. They’re in the current project under scene assets, images.