3ds max Rendering Rendering an image sequence

3ds max Rendering Rendering an image sequence


So we’re going to render out to individually numbered still frames, and I do prefer the PNG image file format, for draft quality rendering. If you are rendering a high-end, photorealistic image, then you might not want to save PNG. You might want to save to an Open EXR, which is a high dynamic range image. But for this draft quality, the 8-bit per channel of a PNG will be fine. And I’m going to put it into it’s own folder, because it’s going to be 150 frames. I don’t want to get it mixed up with any other files. So, I’m taking to the current project render output. I’ll create a folder in there, and I’ll call it camera arc. And press enter. Then go into that folder, and I’ve already got the file name in here from a previous iteration of this file. But I’m using the same name, camera_arc, and then an underscore after the name, and before the dot. Because, a bunch of numbers are going to be appended on here, and I want to add that underscore as a separator between the file name and the numbers.

Now the first time we come in here, and we define a file type, if we click save, we should be prompted to see a little save options dialogue, but that didn’t show up this time, so I’ll go back in there, and what we’re looking for is the setup dialogue. If you don’t see that setup dialogue, you can come back in here and click this button, but unfortunately it’s a little bit problematic in that you actually have to click the button twice in order to get that configuration dialogue. And this will be dependent upon which file type you’ve chosen. These are the defaults for PNG. It’s actually saving out as 16-bit per channel file by default, and that’s overkill. I don’t need that in this case, so I’ll just downgrade that back to an 8-bit per channel, or a 24-bit file. I don’t need an alpha channel in this case,