3ds max Timeline : Keyframe Animation Editing keyframes

3ds max Keyframe Animation Editing keyframes Timeline

3ds max Keyframe Animation

3ds max Timeline : Keyframe Animation Editing keyframes  Right click anywhere on the timeline and you get a pop-up context sensitive menu and from the Configure sub menu go in here and choose Show Selection Range and what this does is it introduces a new little bar down here that’s blank at first. You’ll only see it light up if you select two or more keys in the timeline. I’m going to select all of the keys, just drag a big selection rectangle around all of those. And now I see a black bar, that’s the selection range and it’s got white handles on either end and I can click on a handle and drag and I’m actually scaling time within that range, I’m scaling the time and changing the position of the key frames in time.

3ds max Timeline : Keyframe Animation Editing keyframes  So I can increase the speed of the animation, speed it up almost doubled, let’s give it 80 frames. Rewind and play back and now it’s the same animation with that same little wobble in the middle but it’s playing back much more quickly. Notice by the way when I did that, that the key frames snapped to whole frame numbers. So if you repeatedly do this a lot you may end up shifting your key frames without realizing it and if you’ve got a complex animation then you probably want to double check your work in another window like the graph editor or the 3ds max curve editor.