how to Creating keyframes in Set Key mode 3ds max

3ds max Keyframe Animation Creating keyframes in Set Key mode

Creating keyframes in Set Key mode 3ds max

3ds max Animation And to create a rotation key I’ll just click on the set keys button, the big plus sign. Alright, now there’s a key frame for rotation there and I can know that if I just move my time slider over, I can see now that my key frame is bi-colored. It’s got two colors, a red and a green on frame zero. These other ones that I created earlier are only red. Red is position and green is rotation. So I have position key at frame 70, and a position and a rotation key at frame zero.

Alright, so let’s go down to the end of the animation, then. Frame 149, and create another rotation key, rotate around the Z axis, and then frame the shot, we don’t want to go too far, let’s go maybe about that far. And then once again press the plus sign to create a key frame. And then we can check our work, rewind, and play it back. And we’ve got a little bit of an arc going around. It’s got a bit of a hiccup there and we can fix that later. Maybe with motion paths, smooth that out. But that’s the basic concept of creating key frames in set key mode.