How to Adjusting physical material parameters in 3ds max ?

Adjusting physical material parameters in 3ds max

3ds max Adjusting physical material

3ds max Adjusting physical material All right, we’re done with the render setup dialogue. We can close it. And let’s launch the active shade window, the teapot with a triangle, and then assign this new silver material to the tabletop. So, click and drag from the output of the material onto the tabletop and release the mouse, and now we have very strong reflections on that tabletop. So, if we dig a little bit deeper into this, double-click on that material to see its parameters if you need to. We see that it has a base color of white, it has a very, very low roughness, so it’s very shiny, as we can see, and most importantly, it has a metalness of one.

Adjusting physical material parameters in 3ds max ?

So, metalness is probably the second most important parameter after roughness. It’s the degree to which that material reproduces the effects of a metal surface, which is highly reflective. If we reduce the metalness amount, drag that spinner all the way down to a value of zero, and we don’t get a shiny reflection in the active shade window anymore. It’s looking just white. Well, I can reduce the base amount, bring the base amount down, too, maybe all the way down to nothing, and we can see that there is a reflection there. So even if it’s not a metal, it will still have reflectivity if it has a low roughness over here.


But for mirror reflections, we do have to have some metalness amount. And we can split the difference here. It doesn’t have to be zero or one. We can dial in any amount of metalness we want to get the visual effect we desire. So, I’ll bring that base color back up to one and play around with the metalness amount. Maybe I want this to look like painted metal, in which case, I might have a lower metalness. All right, so if I want this to be a perfect mirror, then the metalness would be one and the roughness would be zero. One final important attribute or parameter of the physical material is the ability to dim the reflections, and that’s not exposed by default. Go up here to material mode and switch it over from standard to advanced. You’ll notice now we have two roughness parameters. So, the one that we were just adjusting is the roughness for reflections.