how to Keyframe Animation Editing Curve Editor 3ds max

3ds max Keyframe Animation Editing function curves in the Curve Editor

Keyframe Animation Editing Curve Editor 3ds max : Lynda

how to Keyframe Animation Editing Curve Editor 3ds max now, we can see all of the tracks at once. Curve Editor 3ds max And I’m going to select them all and change their interpolation type or their tangent handle type. And there are a lot of buttons on this toolbar here. It’s a bit cluttered. But over here are the tangent types and this is the most important thing on this toolbar. And right now, we’re on an auto-bezier tangent setting for all of the selected keys. I’m just going to change this over to linear tangents and now, Curve Editor 3ds max we have straight line segments everywhere. Let’s see what that looks like. So I’ll just close it and rewind and playback. And I’m getting a very sudden change in position here and also a very sudden change in the rotations, although that’s not as immediately obvious here. All right, so I’ll stop that. With the camera still selected, go back to the Curve Editor. And those tracks are automatically selected for us, so we can just reframe the horizontal and value extents. The key frames are still selected. We can go back to auto-bezier. Okay, if we really want to make this beautiful, what we’ll do is we’ll try to make these smooth flowing curves. I can start by deleting this key frame here. I don’t need that, so I’ll select it and press Delete. And over here, we have the rotations.

how to Keyframe Animation Editing Curve Editor 3ds max .I might want that rotation to start a little bit sooner, 3ds max so I can select that key frame and move the key frame earlier and I can type in a value if I want. I’ve got a time here and a value here, so I can move it to an earlier time. Maybe type in a value of 30 and now, it’s moved to frame 30. Or I can use the Move Keys tool and just constrain to one dimension. So to move in just one dimension, hold down the Ctrl key and drag from left to right, and I’m only changing the time. And I’ll put that at frame 30. Finally, we want to edit the shape of the interpolation directly, and that’s done by altering the lengths and positions of the tangent handles. If I want to have a faster slow-out and slow-in, then I can shorten the tangent handles. 3ds max So here on frame zero, I can select those two key frames and I can move these around, but by default, you can only move one at a time. So here’s a tangent handle. I can hold down Ctrl and click on that and shorten it, and that causes it to transition out of that resting position faster, so that’s a faster slow-in. And again, the Ctrl key lets me constrain. But if I want to edit these together, then that’s a little bit trickier. There is a button for that. It’s on the main toolbar up here.