Managing sample slots 3ds max Materials

Managing sample slots 3ds max Materials

3ds max and Vray Materials video tutorials

Managing sample slots 3ds max and Vray Materials And scroll around, make the panel above it smaller. There are a total of 24 sample slots in here. And these are staging areas. And whatever you put in here will be stored in your scene, and it could be a very complex shading network, but its top level could be instanced here, in one of these sample slots. Alright, I can close this Arnold error message, and let’s make another leather. Make a variation here.

3ds max vray material library : So I got a leather node here, and I’ll clone it. Hold down the Shift key, then click and drag, and release to make a copy. Double click and let’s call it Leather two. Change its base color. Bring that down. And then assign it to a sample slot. Drag from its output onto one of the sample slots. Release the mouse. And you get a prompt asking if you want an instance or a copy.