Mapping Textures 3ds max Controlling material sample size

آموزش تری دی مکس Mapping Textures 3ds max Controlling material sample size


We have to go back to the old Compact Material Editor to get at this option. So go into the Material Editor menu to Modes, switch it over to the Compact Material Editor, and then there’s a button for Options. Click on the Options and here under Render Sample Size is the size of a map swatch or a material swatch. So I’ll bring this down to a low value so we can see the difference.


I’ll set it to 10 centimeters, click Okay, go back to the Slate Material Editor, and then click on these nodes to refresh and you can see that we’ve zoomed in on that pattern now. We’re seeing a much smaller area. It’s 10 centimeters on a side in a 2D view such as this one. I can go back to Compact Material Editor, back into Options, change the sample size. We’ll make it 1,000. So that’s 10 meters on a side. Click Okay, and once again go back to Slate, and once again click on these nodes in order to refresh the update. So if I go over to the Procedural Map or the Noise, now I’m seeing the pattern as if this sample were 10 meters on a side. That’s how to change the size of samples in the Material Editor.