Understanding 3ds max 2020 Hierarchies

Understanding 3ds max 2020 Hierarchies

Understanding 3ds max 2020 Hierarchies I’ll undo that. The other rule is that a child can have only one parent. So for example this wrist object has one parent which is the elbow and likewise all of the objects have just one parent, however a parent can have many children. For example I’ve got the pelvis object here in the center. And it has three children, the chest and these two hip objects, if I select the pelvis, and scale it, then everything in the hierarchy scales with it, everything in the hierarchy scales together because all of the objects are either children or descendants of the selected pelvis object.

I’ll undo that again with Control Z. We can visualize the hierarchy in the scene explorer. Let’s open that up I’ve got it currently hidden. And in the scene explorer I just see one object the pelvis. But it’s got a little left facing triangle next to it which means I can open up that pelvis object and see its children and I can easily open up the entire hierarchy just by right clicking in the scene explorer and from the quad menu I can choose expand all and now we see all of the parent child relationships for this hierarchical structure in which children inherit transforms from their parents. That’s the basics of a hierarchy.