Using the Slate Material Editor – 3ds max Materials

Slate Material Editor - 3ds max Materials

3ds max Materials  : Using the Slate Material EditorGeneral, Physical Material. Drag that over. Double click it to load its parameters and let’s rename it File Cabinet. Change its parameters, go over to its base color. Click in that swatch. And just change it to maybe a blue or a sea green. Click OK. Also we want to give it some roughness. Right now it’s going to be a perfect mirror reflection. Set the roughness to 0.5. We can drag from the output of the file cabinet node onto an object in the scene and that material is assigned. But these objects are all in groups actually, so I can speed the process. Select any one of those objects and all members of the group are selected and then if I do that same thing, drag from the output to the group, then I get a little Assign Material popup dialog.


Using the Slate Material Editor Do I want to assign to just the object that was under my cursor or to the whole selection? I want to assign to the whole selection, so click OK and now that whole cabinet has that material assigned. Or I can use a button on the main toolbar. So, let’s select all of these cabinets, hold down Control and just select everything. And then select the node in the view and finally click the Assign Material to Selection button and now all those objects have that material assigned. We’ve gotten started with the Slate Material Editor.