3ds max 2018 keyboard shortcuts not working

3ds max 2018 keyboard shortcuts not working


3ds max keyboard shortcuts not working That’s going to be Shift, Control and Z. And once I’ve held down all three of those keys, I can then release them, and that hotkey is displayed there. And it says it’s currently assigned to Zoom Extents All. Well we don’t need Zoom Extents All, I’m going to steal it’s hotkey. So all we need to do is just click the Assign button now, and the selected item will have the selected hotkey assigned. So just click Assign, and that’s done. And I can close the customize user interface dialog, and the next time I successfully exit out of 3ds Max, that keyboard binding will be stored onto disc. So at this point you might want to close the scene and re-open it, just to make sure that everything got saved. Well let’s test it. So I’ll select an object, like a plant, and then hold down Shift, Control, Z, and then all of the viewports zoomed to that selected object. If I select nothing, just click out on a blank space, and hold down Shift, Control, Z, then once again, we zoom out to all geometry in all viewports. That’s how to bind a custom hotkey.