3ds Max 2020 Modeling compound objects Booleans

3ds Max 2020 Modeling compound objects Booleans


3ds Max Modeling Creating compound objects with new Booleans Once I’ve done that then all of these inside the sub-Boolean I can set to a union, and then the sub-Boolean itself I can set to intersect, and now I’ve got what I’ve wanted. Alright, I don’t need to see the selected operands anymore, so I can turn that off. Cool, so that’s how we can change the order of operations. We can say we want all of these cutter cylinders to be union together, or combined together, and then that as a unit subtracted, or intersected from the main gear. Okay, what I actually really want here is to subtract. And then finally we can add the rest of these really easily. There’s a new window, which makes it easier for us to do that. And that is the Boolean explorer and we’ll look at that in the next movie. Then we need to create a clip. Go down here and press the plus sign and give it a name, and I’ll call it walkSitClip. And then finally, down here, we need to set a path and a file name. Click the browse button and navigate to the export folder in your project.