3ds max 2020 preferences Setting

3ds max 2020 preferences Setting


3ds max Getting Started Setting preferences . Okay, fine, I’ll click on okay, and then finally go over to the gamma and LUT, that’s another interesting setting we should look at. This deals with the contrast curve of the display itself, and also sort of modules within the display such as the colors and materials. Gamma correction is the contrast curve of an image, and when working in a modern physically-based lighting work flow, we do need to have gamma correction enabled. And it is enabled by default in 3DS Max. And in fact it will be enabled any time you start a new scene. You can work around that by using a scene template if you absolutely need to disable gamma.

But there’s very few cases in which you’ll need gamma to be turned off, so it is enabled by default and we’ll just leave that on. And last, in the help tab, I just wanted to point out that the help documentation is hosted on the Autodesk website by default. If you did need to install the local help documents, you could click on this download button and follow the prompts to download and install the help documentation on your local workstation. And also in the help tab here, we have tool tips. We have the ability to disable expanded tool tips. And expanded tool tips will appear when you hover your mouse over a particular screen element for an extended period of time. You might get an actual movie coming up and playing on your screen, telling you how that particular feature works. I’m going to disable the expanded tool tips and now I’ll just see the standard old-school tool tips that just tell me the name of the icon I’m hovering over. Alright, so those are the basic preference settings for a new installation of 3DS Max.