3ds max 2020 project folders tutorials

3ds max 2020 project folders tutorials


3ds max Getting Started Using project folders or setting 3ds Max to point at an existing project, can either be done from this toolbar, or from the file menu in the project sub-menu but the mere fact that the projects toolbar over here always displays the current project can save you a lot of grief. Currently we can see that the project is set to the default directory, which is in the current user’s documents in a sub-folder named 3ds Max 2020. If you don’t have the exercise files that I provided with the course, then you’ll want to create a project folder to store your own assets. The process for this is pretty straight forward except for one thing, 3ds Max can’t create the root folder of the project. It can only create the sub-folders for various assets such as scenes and source images. We need to create an empty folder into which 3ds Max can create the project sub-folders. I’ll minimize 3ds Max, and create a new folder on my desktop. Right-click, and from the pop-up menu choose new folder. I’ll rename it 3ds Max essential training and press enter. I’ll go back to 3ds Max which I’ve got minimized and we’ll create a default project. That means it’s going to have the standard sub-folders such as scenes and scene assets. If you have some special pipeline at a studio, with a custom folder structure, then you could use these options on the toolbar here. Create empty, or create from current. But for most people, you’ll just want to create a default project. Click the button labeled create default and then navigate to the empty folder that you created for this purpose. I’ll go to desktop, 3ds Max essential training, select it and then click select folder. Now that directory path is displayed in the projects toolbar. Let’s investigate, I’ll minimize 3ds Max again and open up the 3ds Max essential training folder. And we can see that it is populated with all of the default project folders. They’re all empty right now because we haven’t saved anything into them yet. So that’s the process for creating a new project. If you want to load an existing project, such as these exercise files, then there’s a similar commend for that. I’ll go back into 3ds Max, and once again on the projects toolbar, I’ve got a button and this one is set active project. So click on that, and we’ll want to navigate to the location of our project which is exercise files and that’s found on the desktop and I’ll choose exercise files and click select folder. And now that is the root or point of reference for all of the dependent links inside that project folder. Now at this point if you get an invalid pass message when setting or switching projects, you can usually just choose ok to commit. That message just means that there’s a bogus entry in a particular window which is customize, configure user and system paths. And in the dialog here this is where you can customize paths to system files such as third party plugins. I don’t want to get into that too much right now because it’s not relevant. Just know that if you get an error message about NVIDIA plugins, that is just a left over from when 3ds Max used to ship with the mental ray renderer. In any case of an invalid system path, you can fix the issue by going into this window and correcting or deleting the offending path. I’ll click cancel to close all of that.