3ds max 2020 tutorials Scene Layout – Specifying system units

3ds max 2020 tutorials Scene Layout - Specifying system units


3ds max 2020 tutorials Scene Layout – Specifying system units So larger numbers are bad and it means that at that distance 3ds Max would not be able to determine the difference between two vertices, if they’re closer together than this threshold. So we want that threshold to be lot lower. If I bring the slider back down all the way to the Origin then our accuracy is perfect. At a distance of very very low we still have good accuracy. So this as you can tell is an exponential scale and so just modeling objects far way from the Origin is already a bad practice because you’re going to have problems.

So this dialogue is really only applicable in situations where you do need to model very large or very small objects. Of if you need compatibility with other applications like a game engine that expects system units or grid units to be in some other convention other than inches. So I do recommend that you leave it at inches unless you have some compelling reason to change it. So I’ll click OK and leave that at inches. Set my Display Units back to centimeters and click OK and now I’m back to where I was. One last point if you’re going to change the System Units Scale it’s best practice to change it before you begin modeling. If you change the System Unit Scale in the middle of a project you may experience some problems like vertices collapsing or objects not rendering. That’s how to use System Units Scale to set the accuracy of internal spacial calculations.