3ds max Camera Techniques (aspect ratio in Render Setup)

3ds max Camera Techniques (aspect ratio in Render Setup)

Choosing aspect ratio in Render Setup in 3ds max 2020

3ds max Camera Techniques (aspect ratio in Render Setup) And they’ll be stored in my current user profile. So I can right click on a button and I get this configuration window. And I can get the current settings or I can just type something in. So I’ll do an HGTV format, 1920. Press tab and then 1080 with a pixel aspect of one and click OK. – 3ds max Camera Techniques And now I can just choose that resolution by clicking here. And we see it’s got a wider aspect. Likewise over here I can do a 16 x 9 aspect by right clicking on the 640 x 480 button. Set the height to 360. Click OK. And then click the button and we got the same aspect ratio, 1.7 repeating but we’ve got a higher resolution for this preset. So can easily switch back and forth between a draft quality and a final production quality rendering. That’s how to set aspect ratio and resolution in the render set up dialogue.