3ds max Camera Techniques (Gimbal coordinate space)

3ds max Camera Techniques (Gimbal coordinate space)

3ds max 2020 Camera Techniques

Rotating in Gimbal coordinate space – 3ds max Camera Techniques I’ll undo that. But as soon as I try to combine a pan and tilt, then everything’s going to go crazy. Let’s say I tilt down a bit so I’m looking down at the floor from a high angle, and then I want to pan left and right and I’ll click on the y axis and try to pan left and right and, immediately, I get a so-called canted angle or Dutch tilt. And that’s, obviously, not a desirable result unless you’re trying to reproduce some kind of horror movie. So, I’m going to undo that with control Z. And I’m also going to undo the rotation that I did to tilt down, so I’ll hit control Z again, and now the camera has been restored to level. So, this is a little bit sticky. We can rotate to pan left and right by rotating around the world’s Z axis. So, I can go back up here to world and I can pan left to right just fine in the world axis. And I can even go to local and tilt down, switch back to world, and now rotate around the world Z axis, and that seems to be a solution to the problem.