3ds max Creating and manipulating primitives

3ds max Creating and manipulating primitives


3ds max Creating and manipulating primitives Or of course I can type in a value, I can set a value of 20. You may be wondering what units we’re measuring in, these are 3ds Max generic units that have no specific meaning. We’ll look at how to set up 3ds Max for different units of measurement later. Going back into the create panel, we can try something else for example there’s a cylinder. Click on cylinder and click and drag to set the radius, release the mouse and drag upward to set the height. Right click to exit cylinder creation. Additionally there are some very helpful extended primitives. If we go up to into the pull-down list here, instead of standard primitives we can choose to create some other type of geometry. So let’s go to extended primitives and here we have some useful ones such as chamfer box or chamfer cylinder. And this will create a primitive that has a chamfered or beveled edge so it’s not meeting at right angles. Because really no object in the real world is this perfect and we won’t be able to catch the light on that edge in our final rendering if there’s no surface there.

So let’s make a chamfer object, like chamfer box. Click on that, and this one you’ll have to click and drag multiple times in order to get all of the parameters. So click and hold the mouse, and drag that out to set the footprint of that chamfer box and then release the mouse, drag upward and you’re setting the height or the elevation. Click and then drag again left and right and you’re setting the radius of the fillet. And that’s the curved edge there. And then click again and finally we have created our chamfer box. If we’re finished creating chamfer boxes, we can right click, we can choose another tool, or we can actually just go to a different panel. I can go to the modify panel, the object is still selected, and I can get at its parameters here. That’s the basics of how to create primitives and how to move them around in 3D space.