3ds max Customizing a workspace

3ds max Customizing a workspace


3ds max Customizing a workspace Then we have this one which is the scene explorer or the outline view. And it has a button on the main toolbar that will allow us to show or hide that scene explorer. But there’s a little bit of a confusion here. Because if we click on “toggle scene explorer” we actually get another scene explorer window opening up. As you can see as I drag that around it’s trying to dock to different parts of the interface. This is a little bit confusing, what we have over here is the default global scene explorer. And we can switch out the mode of that scene explorer from the bottom here we can, for example, choose to display all the lights in the scene or so on. Well this one over here is the global scene explorer. And it is hardwired into the program.

And over here, this one is a local scene explorer. And the settings for that are local to the current scene and stored with the current scene file. Practically speaking, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re using a global or a local scene explorer. And because this doesn’t respond to the toolbar button over here. I’m going to choose not to use this global explorer. And I’ll hide that. So I’ll right click on the textured bar once again and disable the scene explorer. And then this one, I can actually drag over there and dock back into the interface. Just drag that over until you see a blue box and then drop, and now it’s docked over there. And if I turned this button on and off it will appear or disappear docked to the left side of the screen. I could also make it a floating window if I want so I can drag it over and just drag it onto nothing. And maybe resize it. And I can turn that on or off. And that’s especially helpful if you’ve got a high resolution display or maybe multiple displays you can actually have multiple scene explorers and have them set to do different things and place them on a secondary monitor or away from the main interface. Okay, well I actually do want that docked over there so I’ll put that back over. And if I’m happy with this layout or workspace I can prevent any changes to it. So I don’t want to accidentally drag the interface around and dock things when I don’t want to. Go into the “customize” menu and choose “lock UI layout”. And now I can’t actually drag these elements around. I can still hide and show them in the usual way. I can right click and turn the scene explorer off there. I could even hide the command panel, I can right click on that and hide the command panel. I can bring that back in multiple ways, there’s actually a customize menu that will allow me to show the command panel.