3ds max Customizing viewport and grid colors

3ds max Customizing viewport and grid colors

3ds max Customizing viewport and grid colors This is so much easier for me to see. I can tell that this is a major grid line and that these are subdivisions or minor grid lines. If we want to we can actually save this as a separate file, if we want to swap out different color schemes, we can click on save and this takes us to our current user interface settings. And if we investigate this, we’ll see that it’s being saved inside the current user’s AppData folder, inside local, autodisk, 3ds Max, et cetera, et cetera.

And this is the default. We can also save one of our own, we can call it light viewport or something like that. We can go ahead and click save. And that way, if we ever need to get back to that default UI colors, we can just load the default file up. We can close the customize user interface dialogue and even if we had not saved the colors out to its own file, then when we successfully exit 3ds Max, the viewport and grid colors would be saved and the next time we launch the program, they’ll be restored to these custom colors. And that’s how to change the colors of the viewport background and the grid.