3ds max Modeling Baking subdivisions

3ds max Modeling Baking subdivisions


3ds max Modeling Baking subdivisions Okay, so I’m going to now bake this and make it this level of detail permanently. So with the object selected, I’ll right-click, and choose Convert to. Convert to Editable Poly. And of course, that’s a destructive act. That’s non-reversible. I can use the undo key or undo command, but that’s the only way to get this back to where it was. And now I want to select the polygons that I want to detach. Alright so we’ll do this in Polygon Sub-Object Mode. Get in really close in the center, and I want to select four polygons in the center, just like that. And if you get it right the first time, you’ll be able to select the entire top. And looks like that’s not exactly what I want. I want these guys here. Right along the seam, and right in the center. So let’s try these.


3ds max Modeling Baking subdivisions That looks about right. And then I can grow that selection outward. Got a Grow button here. So just repeatedly click that Grow button, and see that selection grow outward. And you’ll know you’ve got it right when you get to this border here. And you can see in my example that I’ve selected the correct four polygons to begin with. So I can keep clicking Grow. Maybe go down here and take a look from the side. And I want to just select all the polygons that comprise the cushion. And that’s separate from the base.