3ds max Modeling – Box modeling for subdivision surfaces

3ds max Modeling - Box modeling for subdivision surfaces


3ds max Modeling – Box modeling for subdivision surfaces That way I’ll have an edge loop running right down the middle which will make it very easy for me to work with symmetry. The height segments, we’ll set to a value of three and that looks pretty good so far. In order to get the best benefits out of subdivision surface modeling, we’re going to convert to editable poly. Right click, and convert to, convert to editable poly. In the following movie we’re going to enable symmetry.

To prepare for that, let’s delete half of the model. Enter sub-object polygon mode. And we want to select all the faces on the left side of the model that is in the negative X direction. And to do this more precisely, let’s go to an ortho view, alt W. Go in the front view and press Z and just drag a selection of rectangle around all the polygons on the left side. Orbit around in the perspective view to make sure that you’ve selected what you think you’ve selected. And then press the delete key on the keyboard to erase those polygons. And now we’ve got half of a box with an open boarder. I’ll exit out of sub object mode. That’s how to set up a box in preparation for applying symmetry and sub division surfaces.