3ds max Modeling Defining polygon level of detail

3ds max Modeling Defining polygon level of detail

3ds max Modeling Defining polygon level of detail Level of detail is a very important concept and like I said it’s not the same as fidelity. We’ve got a pretty medium level of detail for that object, but it’s actually going to render at fairly high fidelity. We can check in on the polygon count using the statistics in the view port here, so if you press the 7 key on your keyboard, you’ll see statistics for the current scene and this says that I’ve got something like 14000 polygons, so not a very heavy scene, but that’s for the entire scene. I also want to know how many polygons are in the currently selected object. To do that, I’ll need to go into the viewport configuration, click the plus sign at the upper left corner of the viewport, and from the menu choose configure viewports.

3ds max Modeling Defining polygon level of detail  Then, in the viewport configuration window, go to the statistics tab and also enable total + selection, and now we’ll be able to see the total number of components or subobjects and also the number for the currently selected object. So I’ll click apply, or OK, and we can see that the monitor stand has 804 polygons and 404 vertices. I can increase the width segments to a value of ten and now I’ve got over 4000 polygons and over 2000 vertices, but again, this is not going to improve the result. We’re just adding more polygons for nothing. So I’ll bring that back down to a value of one. We can turn the statistics off, just give focus back to the viewport and press the 7 key again. That’s how to optimize level of detail for parametric models, so we don’t unnecessarily bog down our system with too many polygons.