3ds max Modeling Versioning and collapsing the stack

3ds max Modeling Versioning and collapsing the stack


3ds max Modeling Versioning and collapsing the stack such as game engines. And there are even more reasons why you’ll need to do this, sometimes you’ll need to do it in the middle of a workflow, simply to use some tool that is not implemented as a modifier. But before you convert a parametric model to an editable model, you need to make sure that you back that parametric version up, because the modifier stack is like a recipe, and it is not the finished cake, or the finished result. In other words, when you create a parametric model, such as this monitor stand, in the modify panel you’ll see that we have stacks of effects, and in this version, by the way, I’m not deleting any polygons, I’m just leaving them. But in this version of the monitor stand, we do have a bend and a taper, and I want to convert this to an editable poly, so that I will have the full range of tools available to me. And I want to also preserve this parametric version in case I need to go back to it. So just as an insurance policy, I want to back this up.

3ds max Modeling Versioning and collapsing the stack And before I make any changes in this scene, I’m actually going to save this scene to a new file name, and this is a best practice, I always recommend in really any program, but especially in 3d, where things are really complicated, that before you perform any destructive act, such as converting from parametric to editable, that you always save your file to a new file name. And then make the changes in the new file, you’re not touching the old file. And my current file is 0506 versioning.max, as we can see up on the title bar. I’m going to save this out before making changes. Go to the file menu, save as, and I’m going to call it 0506 versioning baked, B A K E D, meaning that we’re taking the instructions or the recipe over here, and we’re baking the cake, and we cannot unbake a cake, and that is why we’re saving out this to a new file name. If I ever need to go back to the previous version, I can always open up the old file. Converting from a parametric model to an editable model is really easy. You can do it in a couple of different ways, one is to collapse the modifier stack over here. If you right-click on the topmost modifier, you’ll get a popup menu and you can choose collapse all.