3ds max Modeling with the Symmetry modifier

3ds max Modeling with the Symmetry modifier


3ds max Modeling with the Symmetry modifier . Normally you would do that by going into the references coordinate system and choosing Local Coordinate System but when I do that in this case, nothing happens. So, if I were at object level, then the gizmo would move to the object’s pivot point. But because I’m in sub-object or component level, doesn’t work the same way. So, there’s a bit of a trick to this. What we need to do is from the reference coordinate system pull-down list, choose Pick and now we need to click on an object that will be the reference for coordinate system, so I’ll just click on the object itself and now its name is truncated but it’s displayed here in this little dropdown list and finally from the center button here where we can choose our transform center.

3ds max Modeling with the Symmetry modifier Click and hold that and go down to the very bottom, the last one, the third one which is Use Reference Coordinate Transform Center, so choose that and now the scale gizmo has moved to the object pivot point and I can scale in the x-axis and change the shape of the model without disturbing that seam. So, I can double click on another edge loop here and scale that. Or I can do multiple edge loops. So, the key is we have to pick the object as a reference coordinate system and then we had to make sure that we are in transform coordinate center mode here and that’s the third button. And that’s how to work with symmetry to model bilaterally symmetrical objects.