3ds max Polygon Modeling Cloning sub-objects with Detach

3ds max Polygon Modeling Cloning sub-objects with Detach


3ds max Polygon Modeling Cloning sub-objects with Detach  So with these current setting here, I would split that polygon off to a separate object, and there would be no copy of it on the current object. But I do want to create a copy. So enable Detach As Clone, and then give the new object a name. We’ll call it Monitor Glass. All right, we’ll just then click the OK button. The new object is now created. We still have Monitor Chassis selected, so let’s exit out of Subobject Mode, and then select the new object, Monitor Glass, and change it’s color so we’ll be able to see it better. I’ll just make that a pink color or magenta, and now, we can just set that aside. We won’t need that right away. And if we get far away, it might actually look like it’s disappearing, but that’s because the two polygons are actually perfectly coincident on the two objects. So as I zoom in and out or move around, I might see that object appear or disappear. Let’s just verify that we have what we think we have. With the Monitor Glass object selected, let’s just enable Isolate Selection, and there it is. So it’s just a single, naked polygon. It doesn’t even have any thickness, just a flat plane with rounded corners here. All right, so let’s turn off Isolate Selection on that. And that’s how to use the Detach tool to make a copy of a polygon selection to a different object.