3ds max Polygon Modeling Creating doors

3ds max Polygon Modeling Creating doors


3ds max Polygon Modeling Creating doors  So we can click Yes. And now, we see the box primitive parameters, and we just want to increase these a little bit. I’ll set the height to 210.1 centimeters, and now, I’ve got a one millimeter gap at the top. I want a one millimeter gap on the left and right, as well, so we’ll need to set the length of this box to 120.2 centimeters. And now, I’ve got that one millimeter gap all the way around. And we can go back to our four viewport layout. And now, this is set up so that when we render this, we’ll actually be able to see the difference between the wall and the door. Now, of course, this door does not have any hardware on it at this point. There’s no doorknob or anything.

3ds max Polygon Modeling Creating doors But door primitives don’t come with doorknobs. But of course, we can model our own doorknob, and to connect it to the door, there are two basic methods. We could parent it to the door and then use the Rotate tool to open the door. Or if we wanted to preserve the procedural nature of the door in its parameters, we could use this open parameter. In that case, we would need to use an attachment constraint to connect the doorknob to the door. That’s a little bit out of scope in this case. I’m going to set my rotation value back to its default here of 90 degrees. And that’s how to create and place doors using the built-in door primitive object.