3ds max Polygon Modeling Reflecting objects with Mirror

3ds max Polygon Modeling Reflecting objects with Mirror


3ds max Polygon Modeling Reflecting objects with Mirror You don’t want to use the default Transform method because, frankly, it’s kind of broken. You want to choose Geometry. And, what this is going to do is create a Mirror modifier, and we can see it over here in the Modify panel. The default is to not make a copy, it says No Clone down here. Well, let’s choose Reference, that’ll make a copy that will have a connection back to the original object. Now, the mirror dialog is modal in this version of 3ds Max, and that means that you can’t manipulate anything in the viewports while this dialog is open. So, I can’t actually move around in here, but we can see in the perspective view that we’re mirroring in the wrong axis. So, up here in Mirror Axis, we want to choose Y, and now we’ve got two separate objects that, together, make up a single chair leg. I’ll click OK to execute that command, and now we can select the two objects. Here’s the first one, the original, and it says Editable Poly, and it’s in bold, and that means there’s an instance or reference connection to some other object in the seam. Select the other half, and it also has Editable Poly in bold and then a strong gray line, and, above that, the Mirror modifier. I don’t need to make any changes to that mirror, it’s doing exactly what I need it to do. If I want to make adjustments to the model in this state, then I will have to add a Mesh Select modifier right below this mirror.

3ds max Polygon Modeling Reflecting objects with Mirror  In other words, if I go down into the stack to Editable Poly and choose Edge mode and select some edge, even before I get to the selection, I actually have lost the display of the mirrored object. And, if I select by Polygon, it’ll be a little bit clearer what’s going on. And, if I select a bunch of polygons here and then tumble around, we’ll see that those polygons are selected, but they’re being passed up the stack to a Mirror modifier that only understands objects. So, we’re not seeing the other half being mirrored over here, so this is kind of a quirk. Let’s exit out of sub-object mode, and what we need to do is apply a modifier directly below the mirror. So, we can select that line there between Editable Poly and Mirror, and, from the modifier list, we’ll add a Mesh Select modifier. And, that is not actually selecting anything, it’s just selecting the entire object and passing that object selection up to the mirror. And, if I turn Show End Result on, it looks just the same as it did before, but now I have the ability to go down in here to, for example, Edge sub-object mode. And, I get the topology dependence warning. In this case, it really doesn’t matter at all because the mesh select is in object mode and it’s not making a component or sub-object selection. So, if we change topology, we’re not going to break anything, so it’s fine, and choose Yes here. And, maybe in the perspective you edged faces with F4, and I can go ahead, and once again make sure that we have Show End Result enabled, and I can select an edge or any component or sub-object and manipulate it. Maybe I’ll use the move tool. And, as I make that adjustment, the reflection is showing the effect,