3ds max Polygon Modeling Transforming sub-objects

3ds max Polygon Modeling Transforming sub-objects


3ds max Polygon Modeling Transforming sub-objects Select all of those points, and making sure by the way, that I’m selecting the points on the back. If ignore backfacing is on, then you won’t be able to select those points on the back. And with those ones selected, I want to move them in the X axis. And that’ll be a negative value. So for the X value here, in the move Transform Type-In dialog, it’ll be negative 0.1 for X. And those just shifted over by 1mm. And then finally these ones over here, on the other side of the door, I want to do the same. So get in real close, just to monitor this, and make sure that it’s doing what we want. So again, that’s a 1cm grid line, and I’ll move this over in X by 0.1cm. And that’s done. Alright, I can exit out of sub-object mode, and that is how to manipulate or transform sub-objects, both freeform by just selecting and moving, and also with high precision using the Transform Type-In dialog.