3ds max Polygon Modeling Using the Modeling ribbon



3ds max Polygon Modeling Using the Modeling ribbon

3ds max Polygon Modeling Using the Modeling ribbon I want to make some edits to it, and I go to the modeling ribbon and I see that everything is blank. So my first instinct is to go into a sub object or component mode here such as face. Now watch closely what happens when I click this and over here in the command panel something’s going to change. So enter sub object mode. Now suddenly I have an edit poly modifier on top of my modifier stack. And this is almost always an undesirable result, you don’t want to do this unless you’re really intending to. So I’m going to undo this. Just click undo. And I’m going to convert the object to editable poly with the object selected, right click anywhere. In the view ports and choose convert to editable poly. And as we saw earlier in the course that’s going to delete all modifiers and convert the object to an editable poly. And I made it backup of this previously by the way so that if I need to I can get back to my line and extrude modifier.


3ds max Polygon Modeling Using the Modeling ribbon . Okay so now, we don’t have any weird edit poly modifier. And we have additionally even though we’re not in a sub object mode, we’re at the object level. We have a whole bunch of tools available. If we do go into a sub object level such as polygon or vertex then we will see all the tools appropriate to that sub object type. I’m just going to do some cutting and quick slicing here so I don’t need to be in any particular sub object mode so I can exit out of polygon mode and then get in close in the front view port here. What I want to do is use quick slice to cut some new edges on the wall here. So that I will then be able to delete polygons and create a whole here where those doors are. And I can access the tools either from the ribbon or from the modify panel and if the modify panel gets in your way or if you don’t want to see it you can just hide it. We can right click on the texture bar and hide the command panel and now just work with the ribbon exclusively if we want.3ds max Polygon Modeling Using the Modeling ribbon