3ds max Polygon Modeling Welding vertices

3ds max Polygon Modeling Welding vertices


3ds max Polygon Modeling Welding vertices And if you select too many, you can use the Alt key and unselect the extra ones. Just make sure you’re only selecting the ones at the seam. Alright now, we look at the left view, and we can see that they’re still some selected there that we didn’t want, so let’s deselect those, and now we’re certain that we’ve only selected the vertices along the seam. And that’s helpful because when I do the weld command I’ll get some feedback as to how many vertices are being welded. And what I expect to see is that number cut in half, because right now I could have two vertices selected on each one of those elements or shells.

3ds max Polygon Modeling Welding vertices The weld command can be launched from the modify panel or from the modeling ribbon. Either way we want to go to the options, or the caddy for the weld command. And we can do that by Shift + clicking on the button on the modeling ribbon if we want, so Shift + click on weld and get the weld vertices caddy, and this is saying that before the weld operation, we had 410 vertices on the object. And after, we had 371 vertices. Well that includes all the vertices on the object, not the current selection, so let’s dig a little bit deeper here and also view statistics in the viewport