3ds Max Rendering Introducing the ART renderer

3ds Max Rendering Introducing the ART renderer


3ds Max Rendering Introducing the ART renderer There’s a setting which allows us to increase the size of a point light, and that will produce softer shadows. We’ve really got enough information here now with our second renderer, that we can cancel it. Go ahead and stop it. Scroll down in the ART Renderer tab, and near the bottom you will see in the Advanced rollout, Scene section, Point Light Diameter is set to .394 inches. Let’s set the Point Light Diameter to something very large in order to see the effect. I’ll make it four feet, a four and then an apostrophe. Press Enter, and then Render, and what we expect to see is our shadows get softer, more spread out. After about 1,200 iterations, we reached a noise amount of 28 decibels. Higher numbers are better in this case. We increase the Point Light Diameter, and now we have much softer shadows here. I should mention that this is only for point lights. If you are using area lights or any kind of light that has a size or a volume, that will affect the rendering directly. This is only for points lights that don’t have an inherent size. Back up at the top of the rendering parameters, we set the target quality to medium. I would also like to point out that if we wished, we could limit the number of iterations, or we could limit the amount of time, so that if we have not reached 28 decibels within five minutes, then the render will stop automatically. Okay, so a full production quality render is going to be probably in the realm of 32 decibels, and even that’s going to be pretty painful in terms of render times. So, be prepared for an overnight render for still images.