3ds Max Rendering Switching renderers scene converter

3ds Max Rendering Switching renderers scene converter

3ds Max Rendering  video tutorials Switching renderers scene converter This, actually, I think should be a value of about .55 for the mid tones, and that’s gonna very closely approximate a linear response curve. Also, we do wanna make sure that this switch is turned off if it turns itself on. It works in conjunction with the Physical Camera, and if that camera has a linkage to this Exposure Control node, then that will override whatever we put in down here. Okay, so now we’re in a pretty good place to do another test rendering, I believe. We’ll give focus to the Physical Camera over here, and go to the Render Setup. That’s been switched over to ART. We’ll go into its settings and increase the target quality up a bit. Let’s make it 28 decibels, and render a quality similar to what we see in our Mental Ray Rendering from a minute ago.