3ds max Scene Layout – Defining the home grid

3ds max Scene Layout - Defining the home grid



3ds max 2020 tutorials Scene Layout – Defining the home grid Below the grid spacing is a field labeled major lines every nth grid line. What does this mean? Well, it means that we can determine the spacing of major lines based upon the spacing of minor lines. Okay, so I’ve got a minor line or grid spacing every one centimeter, and with major lines every nth grid line set to 10, I’ll get a darker or major line every 10 times we go one grid space. And since the grid space is one centimeter, I’ll get a major grid line every 10 centimeters.


Below that is the perspective view grid extent, and that’s the size of the grid in the perspective view. And right now it’s only extending seven centimeters away from the origin. I’ll set that to a value of 100 and press Tab, and now the grid extends 100 centimeters from center to edge. Below that is a very important switch that we need to leave enabled, inhibit grid subdivision below grid spacing. You really need that to be on, and the reason is that there are no numbers on the grid in 3ds Max to give us a point of reference to how far we are zoomed in or out in a viewport. So let me demonstrate