3ds max Spline Modeling Creating a loft compound object

3ds max Spline Modeling Creating a loft compound object

3ds max Spline Modeling Creating a loft compound object . If we hit F4 again, in the perspective, you’d have turn off those Wireframe On Shaded. And get in pretty close here. We can see that, if we disable Smoothing, it looks kind of crunchy there. But we’re going to do something clever here. We’re going to create a bezel on that monitor. So, let’s re-enable Smooth Length and Smooth Width. And we’re going to change the position of this first rectangle shape. In the Loft Modifier stack, open that up and you have sub-object types. And choose Shape. And then click on the rectangle, in any view. And we can now change the position of that shape, along the path. Just click and drag on the Path Level, and you’ll move it. And now we’ve created an angular bezel, here. Pretty nice. And I’ll set that to a value of 10, for the Path Level. We’re going to exit out of sub-object mode


3ds max Spline Modeling Creating a loft compound object Go back into Loft, but just reclicking Shape, and now we’re at the top level. And the smoothing issue becomes more clear now. If we turn Smoothing off, now we get a nice, clear edge there. We’ll differ this smoothing for later, once this model is actually completed. One more tiny thing we want to look at, and that is the orientation of the edges here is not ideal. And we can fix that by just rotating the circle shape. So, back into Shape sub-object mode. And re-select the circle. And, if you’re not sure if it’s selected, you can go back to perspective and dolly back, tumble around. So, the circle is definitely selected. And we can just choose the Rotate tool. And rotate it in the front or perspective view. And I’ve got snapping turned on, so let me turn off the snaps, make it a little bit easier. And, as I rotate that sub-object, we can see how it’s changing the orientation of the edges. And, for a better topology, we can just sort of move that around until it looks right. And then exit out of the Shape sub-object mode. We can do that by going back to the top level, clicking on Loft. Alright, that’s the basics of creating a loft compound object.