3ds max Spline Modeling Editing Bezier splines


3ds max Spline Modeling Editing Bezier splines Now we can select a vertex and then snap it to another vertex. And in that process we can also weld or combine the vertices. We can go to the geometry rollout here and scroll around, you can see that there are quit a lot of tools, and we certainly won’t have time to cover all of these, but what we want right now is the automatic welding option, and that is here. Endpoint auto welding, automatic welding and it’s got a high threshold of 15 centimeters so let’s bring that down to a conservative one centimeter, press Enter and at this point we can enter a vertex sub-object mode and then move vertices around and if they get within one centimeter of another they should be automatically welded. Okay so we’ll go into vertex sub-object mode and select the vertex on the formerly free hand spline and then move it in the left view port and it’s not really snapping we can see if we get close to the other vertex, and get over in the top view, zoom in there, and also position it, and you’ll see even if we get it really close it’s still not automatically snapping. We go back into our geometry you’ll see that it is enabled automatic welding is turned on. So even though I’m closer than one centimeter it doesn’t seem to be doing what I want.

3ds max Spline Modeling Editing Bezier splines That’s okay because we can just go into the snap settings and just snap to vertices. So go up to the magnet icons and right click on any one of those, and in the grid and snap settings disable grid points and enable vertex. And then turn on 3D snaps and click and drag and move that point over until it snaps to the other point, and now in fact it actually has automatically welded and we can verify that, so just deselect everything and then reselect that point and move it around and it works just fine, and it’s a Bezier corner vertex. We can right click and convert that to a Bezier vertex, finally go back into our grid and snaps, right click once again and go back to snapping to grid points and not snapping to vertices, and we can turn snaps off completely, just turn that off. And finally we can go back to editing our Bezier handles and trying to make this look like a naturally shaped curve.