3ds max Spline Modeling Editing control vertex types

3ds max Spline Modeling Editing control vertex types


3ds max Spline Modeling Editing control vertex types And we can see that as we move a point around, it’s affecting the nearby segments. Well it’s getting closer there with the mouse wheel. So it’s affecting the two segments that it’s connected to, and also some of these that are sort of one or two hops away. And that has to do with the type of vertex that we’re dealing with. This is a so called Smooth Vertex. And we can change between vertex types, once again with the quad menu.

So I’ll select all of these points, I’ll just drag a rectangle around all of them. And then right-click. And from that quad menu, in the upper left, we have some choices. Bezier Corner, Bezier, Corner and Smooth. And there’s a checkbox next to Smooth indicating that the selected verticies are of the type Smooth. Let’s experiment with this. We’ll change it to Corner. And now we have straight line segments between all of those points. Right-click again, and let’s choose Bezier. And now we get control verticies in red and Bezier handles to manipulate the shape in green. We’re getting closer once again with the wheel. And select one of those tangent handles in green, drag that around with a move tool to change the shape of the curve. We can also, of course, select the point directly, and move that. Right now I’ve got all of the points selected,