3ds max Spline Modeling Extruding : Sweep modifier

 3ds max Spline Modeling Extruding : Sweep modifier


3ds max Spline Modeling Extruding with the Sweep modifier If I want a straight chamfer, then I can accomplish that by going into the interpolation settings and bringing the number of steps down to one, or zero actually. Here we go, so now I’ve got a nice chamfered edge on that rectangle. And we can apply that as the profile curve in the Sweep modifier. Go back to the perspective view, Alt + W. Reselect the window frame object. In the Sweep modifier, choose use custom section, then click the button labeled pick and click on the window profile object that we just created. And now that’s the custom profile, we can get in close here, we can see that we’ve got a chamfered edge on that. Maybe tumble around. And this is an instance, you’ll see that instance is currently selected. I can go back to the profile object and make changes, such as increase the corner radius, and we can see that that’s updating in real time. I’ll set the corner radius to two cm. And I could easily apply that same Sweep modifier by just pasting it into the other object.

So select the frame, so window frame north, and then select Sweep modifier, right click, and copy. Go out to the perspective view, select the other window frame object, window frame west, right click in the modifier list and choose paste instanced. And now they’ll both share that same Sweep modifier, and any changes to one will affect them both. Get in real close here and verify that. Reselect the profile object and play around with the corner radius, and you’ll see that it’s changing both of them simultaneously. And let’s investigate this a little further by checking out the topology here. Go to the perspective view and maximize it with Alt + W, and enable the edged faces, or wire frame on shaded option, with F4. And we see that we have very nice topology here, these joints are perfectly seamless. If we wanted to, we could go ahead and change up the interpolation on that spline. If we added more points on the spline object, then that would increase the level of detail here, but it’s already pretty optimal. That’s how to apply a Sweep modifier to model extruded forms from complex splines.