3ds max Spline Modeling Rendering shapes

3ds max Spline Modeling Rendering shapes


3ds max Spline Modeling Rendering shapes .3 centimeters, and as long it’s highlighted in the view port, it looks a little bit thicker than it really is so we can de-select it, and see that it’s actually quite a thin cord. Reselect it again, and we have the number of sides and that’s just how many radial segments we have around the cord. And get in closer here in the front view port and play around with the sides, and at three we have a triangular prism here. So 12 is actually a pretty good value so I’ll leave it at that.

 3ds max Spline Modeling Rendering shapes And auto smooth is turned on, which means that we’ll get a smooth surface here, we won’t see any weird lighting artifacts. We also have capping turned on, so that we won’t have a hole at the end of our curve. And zoom in on that, and maybe press the F4 key to go into wire frame unshaded mode. And finally we have an option here if we want to cap with a quad segment and that’ll kind of round off the cord. We don’t really need that in this case, so I can just turn that back off again. That’s how to render an editable spline. We’ll check one more time in our renderer and make sure that looks the way we want it. Navigate around and click on render production.