3ds max Transforming objects with Move and Rotate

3ds max Transforming objects with Move and Rotate


3ds max Transforming objects with Move and Rotate . It’s a little bit easier than going for that inner ring. Undo that rotation as well. Finally, we have the scale tool. And the scale tool can be a little dangerous if you’re not careful because you can non-uniformly scale objects or stretch them and that may have undesirable results if you connect the object in a hierarchy. We’ll see more about that later in the course. If you click in the center of the scale gizmo, then you’re scaling uniformly in all three axes. But if you click and drag on one of these bars or handles, then you’re scaling in just one axis. I’ll undo that. Additionally the scale tool allows you to scale in two axes at once with these brackets just like with the move tool, so I can scale in x and y but not in z. I’ll undo that. We can also find out numerical information about the current transform either in the transform type in area at the bottom here or in a dedicated window. And this is telling me that my scale is 95.386%. I’ll just type in a value of 100 to restore its scale back to neutral and notice that the y and z are grayed out because this scale tool is the selected uniform scale in which the numeric input affects all three equally. Let’s go over to the rotate tool and take a look at this. I have a little bit of rotation value left over, so I can just type in a zero there to neutralize that. And of course we have the move tool which is going to give us world coordinates by default. If you want more information, then you can right click on any one of these transform tools and you’ll get a popup dialog and it’s now telling me the absolute position of the object and if I move it in the viewport, let’s say in the x and y-axes, we can see that it’s updating the position value. Additionally I can use there offsets values, that’s kind of helpful if I need to move something in just a very precise amount in a particular direction. I can say move the object 100 centimeters in x and it’ll move over by a meter. So, those are the basics of the transform tools.