Choosing 3ds max viewport shading modes

Choosing 3ds max viewport shading modes

Choosing 3ds max viewport shading modes Lighting and shadows ambient occlusion. That was a bit of a subtle effect but now we’ve got a pretty nice lighting in the scene and I’ve got the ceiling hidden here because the ceiling didn’t actually really render correctly and the lighting is always problematic in 3D and in this case there was shadow-casting and all sorts of stuff, so I just hid the ceiling and everything just for the purposes of this demonstration. One more point is the question of whether you want textures or not and I have textures displayed right now but if that’s giving us trouble with performance or anything like that we can turn textures on and off from this menu to. Go into user-defined or whatever that shading menu is labeled, it may be labeled standard, but go in there and then go to materials and we can choose shaded materials without maps and now all of our texture maps are disabled. You can turn the texture maps on or off from the material editor one at a time, you can also turn on and off all textures on scene materials from this menu. I can go back in here and go to materials, shaded materials with maps, and now I’m back at my optimize display. So that’s how to use the shading modes in the viewports.