Creating a physical camera and target – 3ds max Camera Techniques

Creating a physical camera and target - 3ds max Camera Techniques

Vray and 3ds max Camera Techniques

Creating a physical camera and target – 3ds max Camera Techniques so I can select in the top view and move that target and this is causing me to pan around the room,3ds max 2020 physical camera and target  I can move it up or down, I go over to the front view and move that target up or down and that allows me to tilt I’ll undo that, maybe select them both by clicking on the line and then move them both up and I’m able to pedestal the camera. And of course I can move the camera around the target I can select that camera and with the Move tool just move it around and we can see that it’s always going to look at that target.

We’ll probably want to change the field of view and that can be done from the Modify panel you could select the camera, explicitly any view or you can use the viewport label menu to select the camera, you can go to the name of the camera and choose Select Camera, and then go to the Modify panel and we have physical controls here we can set the size of the sensor and the focal length in millimeters, well I’m more comfortable just setting the field of view manually so I’ll turn on the switch that says, Specify FOV or field of view and I can click and drag on that degree spinner to zoom out. And I don’t want to go farther than maybe 98 or 100 degrees otherwise it’s going to introduce a lot of distortion. I’ll set that field of view to 80 degrees and press the Enter key that’s the basics of creating a physical camera.