Enabling safe frames – 3ds max Camera Techniques

Enabling safe frames - 3ds max Camera Techniques

3ds max 2020 Camera Techniques

Enabling safe frames – 3ds max Camera Techniques So this would be appropriate for digital projection. Notice that the rectangle is not even. In other words we have more of a gap on the side than we do at the top. We can unlock the horizontal and vertical values here, so I can set the horizontal value to let’s say eight, vertical value to five, and click apply, and now you see we’ve got a larger gap here. So let’s reduce the horizontal value down to two, click apply and now it’s too small. So one more try.


Download Enabling safe frames – 3ds max Camera Techniques We’ll give it a value of three, and now it looks about right. So I know that anything outside this cyan rectangle is likely to get lost in a digital projection. I don’t actually use the action safe very much, but you can turn it on and off at will. And there’s also a grid. If you need that you can turn on a 12 field grid, just enable that and choose an aspect ratio. You’re only choices are 4×3 or 12×9. I’ve got a wide aspect here, so I’ll do a 12×9 and click apply. And now we have a grid superimposed and that may be useful if you’ve got a camera movement and you need to track an object in screen space. Alright I’ll turn that back off again, and then click okay. That’s how to enable safe frames, to make sure that your rendering looks the same as your view port composition.